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silvermoon424 asked:

It's such a shame that Cutey Honey Flash has never been translated past the first nine episodes. It's such a cute series! I got hooked immediately and was really sad to discover that the vast majority of the series is unavailable. It would be great if a group could pick it up!


I don’t know why no one will pick it up. The Gainax movie, RE, and The Live have all been translated twice. Yet only a few episodes of Flash, plus the movie have been translated. On the plus side, the entire manga has a text translation… we just need someone to buy the manga and scan it. 

Also, if you liked Re: so much I’d suggest watching the other series too. It takes a lot from the original TV series.

Actually, episodes 1-24 of Flash were subtitled by Sachi Gumi Distribution. Bad news is that this was around the tail-end of the vhs fansub distro era when torrents and downloading things via streamload were starting to become a very easy and viable thing. Most of the older fansub distros are gone now -hence why it is harder than heck to find the fansubs. That aside a person would have to have a vhs player to watch the fansubs (unless they were digitally converted)

About 4 years ago a group called RZ released subs for #37 and #38. 

If you can speak German then it might be worth your time to watch the German dub. I wish they had done a Spanish version as that is so much easier to translate from. Ah well… some day :)


Q: I have heard of an unused plot for Sailor Moon SuperS involving a black Pegasus as well as a white one. Was this a real plot idea, or something made up by fans?

A:That was a real plot I had thought up. I was once up to directing the Sailor Moon Super S Movie. It was going to be a story in which Uranus and Neptune were the main characters. It was going to be a story independent to the TV series and this was going to be the first appearance of Uranus and Neptune. And Sailor Neptune was going to be in a 1000-year sleep at a place called “The End of the World”. And Sailor Uranus was needed to steal the talisman from the Sailor Scouts and use that to awaken Sailor Neptune. And Uranus was going to be riding the black pegasus. And the story was going to be that Sailor Moon would ride Pegasus to chase Sailor Uranus riding the Black Pegasus to the “End of the World”. And the climax of the story would’ve been the rodeo scene between Sailor Moon on white Pegasus and Sailor Uranus on Black Pegasus. And so this was kind of story I had in mind. But before production began, the producer walked off Sailor Moon. It would’ve been possible for me to make the story still, but since I came up with the story with the producer, I also walked off. But I had an attraction to the idea of “The End of the World” which I thought up for this plot. So the same thing in Utena comes from the Sailor Moon plot.

Interview with Revolutionary Girl Utena’s Director Ikuhara (Utena Spoilers)

Kunihiko Ikuhara was the series director for Sailor Moon from episode 60 through SuperS. An unused idea for a Sailor Moon movie became the basis for his highly recognized series Revolutionary Girl Utena. The 39 episode series about fairy tales and the fallibility of memory makes the influence of the director’s previous work known (super spoilers). The series also received a movie, which is generally regarded as a compressed version of the messages and metaphors of the series.

Revolutionary Girl Utena is licensed in america, and the english dub is available to watch legally on youtube

RGU contains some material that may not be suitable for all audiences including but not limited to: incest, suicide attempts, rape, abuse, physically abusive relationships, emotional manipulation, pedophilia (primarily in the film), statutory rape, animal death, homophobia and general misogyny.

The series is also notable for: princes, princesses, witches, shadow girls, monkeys, a boxing kangaroo, a greek chorus, stock footage, really good music, a lack of heterosexuals, canon lesbian relationship, roses, metaphors, cars, stars, frogs, a girl turning into a cow, the same girl laying an egg, and (in the movie)- SPOILERS- the main character turning into a car.

Sailor Moon Crystal also (as can been seen above) has taken some artistic direction from Utena, bringing us full circle.



Imagine Hogwarts after the Battle, after the War, sure

But imagine Hogwarts’ students, after their year with the Carrows and Snape.

Imagine a tiny little first-year whose porcupine pincushions still have quills, but to whom Fiendfyre comes easily. The second-year who tried to go back, to fight; whose bravado got Professor Sinistra killed, as she pushed him out of the way of a Killing Curse. The third-year who perfectly brewed poisons, hands shaking, wishing for the courage to spike the Carrows’ cups. The fourth-year who throws away all of their teacups, their palmistry guidebooks, because what use is Divination if it didn’t see this coming? The fifth-year who can barely remember what O.W.L.S. are, let alone that she was supposed to take them. The sixth-year who can’t manage Lumos to save their life, but whose proficiency with the Cruciatus Curse rivals Bellatrix’s.

Imagine the seventh-year who laughs until he cries, thinking about the first-years who will fall asleep in History of Magic while their story is told.

Imagine the Muggleborn first-years left alive, if there are any: imagine what they think of the magical world, when their introduction to it was Death Eaters and being tortured by their classmates for having been born.

Imagine the students who went home to their parents (or guardians, or wards, or orphanages) and showed them what they’d learned: Dark curses, hexes, Unforgiveables; that Muggles are filth, animals, lesser. Who, yes, still can’t transfigure a match into a needle but Mum, there’s a hex that can make you feel as though you’re being stabbed with thousands. (Don’t ask them how they know.)

Imagine the students who will never be able to see Hogwarts as home.

Imagine the students Hogwarts has left, when it starts up again the lack of Muggleborns, blood-traitors, half-bloods, dead and gone the lack of purebloods; the Ministry would have chucked everyone of age (and possibly just below) in Azkaban for Unforgiveables, wouldn’t they?

Imagine how few students there are left to teach; imagine how few teachers are left to teach them.

Imagine the students who can’t walk past a particular classroom, who can’t walk through a hallway, who can’t walk into the Great Hall without having a panic attack or breaking down. Imagine the school-wide discovery that the carriages aren’t horseless after all; that everyone, from the firsties to the teachers, can see Thestrals.

Imagine the memorials, the heaps of flowers and mementoes in every other corner, hallway, classroom; every other step you take on the grounds.

Imagine the ghosts.

Imagine the students destroying Snape’s portrait, using the curses, hexes, even Fiendfyre they’ve been taught how to wield it has to be restored nearly every week; Snape stays with Phineas Nigellus semi-permanently. (None of the other portraits will welcome him. His reasons do not excuse his conduct.)

Imagine the students unable to trust each other everyone informed on everyone, your best friend might turn you in.

Imagine the guilt that everyone carries (it should have been me, it’s my fault s/he’s dead, I told on them, it’s all my fault), the students incapable of meeting each other’s eyes because it’s my fault your best friend, your sibling, your Housemate, your boy/girlfriend is dead.

Imagine the memorials piled high with the wands of the dead. Imagine the memorials piled high with the self-snapped wands of the living.

Imagine the students who are never able to produce a Patronus.

Imagine Boggarts being removed from the curriculum because Riddikulus is near impossible to grasp, even for the sixth- and seventh-years. Because their friends and families dead will never, ever be funny.

Imagine the students for whom magic feels tainted.

Imagine the students who leave the wixen world hell, the students who leave Britain entirely, because there’s nothing left for them there.

Imagine the students who never use magic again.

(Image source.)

(From the mind of the wonderful lavenderpatil, a keen look at how students might be after war.)

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Cops have been put on notice: Let the cameras roll.

Camera-shy cops across the city were reminded they can’t legally take action to stop someone from filming them while they’re on the beat, the Daily News has learned. The refresher was provided in a memo the chief of department’s office distributed to all police commands Wednesday.

“Members of the public are legally allowed to record police interactions,” the memo states. “Intentional interference such as blocking or obstructing cameras or ordering the person to cease constitutes censorship and also violates the First Amendment.”

Cops can take action if videographers and shutterbugs “interfere with police operations,” the memo notes.

spread this like wildfire

when you see abuse, take out your phone and film that shit. 

Post it on youtube, send it to the news, let the whole world hear about it.

You don’t have to be any kind of official journalist. Anyone can do this. Never let them tell you differently.

Has anyone read the tweets by US military vets on twitter? Several of them are coming out against how the Police are treating the citizens who are organizing protests. I find it highly odd that the police in our country are outfitted (in this situation) with more body armor and firepower than our soldiers who went to Iraq and Afghanistan were.

What does it say when people are congregating in their own yards and police throw tear gas at them?

What about the reporters who were violently assaulted at a McDonald’s of all places and arrested? The police came in there first trying to force everyone out of there with threats. The reporters only took pictures. It is what a reporter does.

Seeing how they (the police in this specific area) treat the law abiding folk exercising their Constitutional rights, it leaves little room for doubt in my mind that there was little to no provocation in shooting this poor person.

For a mother to have to worry that her son or any child in her life would one day draw negative attention simply for being born as they were, either because they have a different skin color than ‘the norm’ or a disability which many don’t understand, is a terrible thing to feel. No one should have to endure that! When will changes ever be made to our laws to prevent this kind of senseless tragedy?


For those who are planning to start sewing their own cosplays this year this might be helpful: How to take measurements!

Waist Front / Waist Back:

How to Take Measurements:

Instructions for Taking Measurements:

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