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Reasons why Seiya Rocks #3: Sheer Audacity in the Face of Death.

From episode 199: Galaxia had just cut down Eternal Sailor Moon’s weapon. Obviously no longer amused by ESM’s antics, she told her “I’ll cut your Star Seed into pieces so it will never shine again!” Fighter then dove in front of her and stated: “I will protect this girl’s shine! Even if it means my life!”   See… More support why Seiya and Usagi are a better match than Usagi/Mamoru… at least anime wise. Anime Mamoru treated Usagi pretty badly, and Anime Seiya always believed in Usagi from the beginning. Seiya has been more of an equal partner with Usagi than anything. With Mamoru, it seemed like it was all about him during SMR. His reasons for breaking up, his cross to bear. He made all the decisions for himself and what he wanted instead of talking to Usagi and trying to work it out. Sure, his heart was in the right place, but in a way he didn’t respect Usagi enough to let her know what was going on.

I found the fanart on fanpop and it’s by “Youkai Yume” I don’t know how I missed the watermark on this the first time XD 


Usagi’s choice to try and save Hotaru in Sailor Moon S made me hate her. Yes yes, idealism and all that… but she risked the life of EVERYONE on Earth for her own morals and ideals with no actual clue of what she was doing! I’d buy the “idealism” POV if she actually had a proper plan. I don’t find what she did heroic in the least. The Outers were right; she had NO right to take the risk of dooming the rest of humanity for her own morals! And THEY’RE the ones that are wrong in this!?

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Wasn’t Chibiusa sent back in time by her mother with the explicit instructions that her mission was to meet/make a very important friend? What if Usagi (as NQS) regretted the actions she took in the past? Perhaps she figured out a way to ‘right a past wrong’ and decided to send Chibiusa on the off chance that she might be able to change things just with her presence.  Sure, Usagi would try hard on her own, but knowing that her daughter was there also agreeing with her and trying to help might give Usagi (of the past) the hope and determination to keep trying even past the point where she might normally have perhaps agreed with the others in the alternate timeline. Besides which if she hadn’t tried her hardest to help save Hotaru here, then how could she have even contemplated helping ‘heal’ Galaxia (anime) instead of finishing her off like she did Queen Beryl?


Anonymous asked:

Hi! I've been a fan of the blog for a while now, and I had a question! So this year, I'm turning 19, and I know that in Japan they celebrate Coming of Age at 20. I'm hoping when I turn 20, I can go stay with my father's family and attend the ceremony. I also wanted to save money from my part-time job and buy a furisode set, to wear there and also take home to wear to the local japanese festival, and other events. Do you have any tips for finding furisode? Is it very hard to find them secondhand?


This sounds pretty fun, I believe anybody who turned 20 in the previous year can join the ceremony (which is mostly a lecture about morals and contributing to society). XD

Finding furisode is neither as difficult nor as expensive as you might think, if you shop wise (like on Rakuten or at LARGE secondhand stores like Komehyo). I don’t know how close you’ll be to Nagoya/Chubu, but I have seen nice looking furisode at Komehyo for under 20,000 yen there—the price of brand new silk furisode can be in the thousands of dollars. 

Of course you can also rent a furisode, but if you want to take it home that might not be feasible.

If buying a furisode, you will also need a maru obi or fukuro obi (they are extra wide and extra long for tying in furisode knots), the long-sleeved juban underneath, and whatever kimono underwear you need to control your bust or pad out your waist. Don’t forget the obiage and obijime and LOTS of koshi-himo cords, more than a usual kimono, because there is more stuff to tie down. 

Most or all of the people who wear kimono to Coming of Age ceremony get their kimono put on professionally so they don’t have to struggle with it at home. In fact, you can get this done at nearly ANY local salon or hairdresser. Really! Just look for one that has きもの, きつけ, or 着付け (kimono, kitsuke, kitsuke) on their sign. It will cost 8000—12000 yen for them to dress you and they will probably also do your hair, but you are guaranteed a good fitting! Be advised they usually want you to bring your kimono and everything a few days, or a week, in advance so they can make sure you have everything you need. 

I’d say 90% of the time you will need help putting on furisode, because it’s just a TON of fabric to shove around and it’s a gigantic pain in the butt and it’s HEAVY, but on top of that there are only one or two furisode obi ties that can be tied by one person*, the only one I was sure of was the “tachiya” or “standing arrow knot”—


which is really a giant bunko:


All others require the obi to be tied while on your back, and can’t be reached by the person wearing it.

*without the help of an obi-tying aid, which you can use to pre-tie most of the obi before you get into it.

However I have never used these obi-tying aids so I can’t be of any help on how to even use them. :c they just look like mysterious torture devices to me.

In point of fact it is VERY EASY to find furisode secondhand, because most people buy and wear them once, (MAYYYBE twice), and then have to sell them for a fraction of their initial cost. Kimono depreciate worse than cars, swear to god. Buying secondhand is always, ALWAYS recommended! :D Good luck and if you’re in the central Japan area feel free to message me about where to buy something.

(cut and paste from Kickstarter Campaign)

In 1985, the animated series known as Robotech hit the airwaves in the United States and became an overnight sensation. Combining fast-paced giant robot action with some genuinely mature drama, it was a breath of fresh air for many children who had gotten tired of the usual cartoons on TV at the time. For many fans, it was their first exposure to Japanese anime, and is often credited with starting the anime industry in the US. It spawned over twenty novels, hundreds of comics, video games and dozens of home video releases all over the world.

Carl Macek, the producer of Robotech, was recently working with Harmony Gold on Robotech: Academy. This new series set in the Robotech universe follows several new cadets in their adventures around the universe. We are reaching out to our fans to make this a reality!

The Robotech Academy Kickstarter will allow us to gauge how much of a new Robotech series we could actually produce based on Carl’s original premise. We are setting our initial goal at $500,000 which will allow us to create an entire 24 minute pilot episode. This will help us cover character design, mecha design, 3D modeling, 3D animation, 2D animation, screenwriting, sound engineering, music composition, casting, voice acting and recording. This will also afford us a foundation on which to build future episodes.”

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